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The heart of Dali by robnote
The heart of Dali
“There is only one difference between a madman and myself. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” 
~Salvador Dalí~
There are many things that bind friends together - Sharing a laugh over an embarrassing incident, comforting each other in times of need, finding it in our hearts to forgive. But, the thing that binds friends together the most is a secret that changes everything.

Check me out at  my fb. page :p…      Game Over Chica emote - Five Nights At Freddys Rainbow Sheep #2 Wink and Dimples Angry Goldie Spaz out Anais Icon: No Ninja icon Foxy dem eyebrows 
Our reality by robnote
Our reality
Our reality, our true self, is hidden in what appears to us to be nothingness

Feel free to check out my page at  :)…
NA ODLASKU by robnote
Možda se i desi ,ako se okreneš
i zovneš mi ime. da stanem na čas
kofer spustit neću,to umjesto riječi 
da stvarno odlazim,više nema nas.

Znaj da bit će bolje,ako sad prećutiš 
opravdanja silna što htjela si reć'
pusti nek tišina mostove nam gradi 
ja ću žurno preko,a ti pođi leć.

Kad ti na san dođem,ne budi se ,pusti
od trenutka jave,nećeš naći sreće
dok na sve gubitke ti pečate staviš
mene će več ljubit,neke druge-treće.

Možda se i desi,ako se okreneš
i zovneš mi ime,da stanem na čas
čemu sada suze,nekad moja vilo
više nemaŠ mene,više nemaM nas... (ona kao on )

Erna Dervišić~


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Tomislav Dobrijevic
There is nothing that wastes the body and soul like worrying!
Caring about what others’ think isn’t really the problem. Worrying about it is.
People are entitled to think whatever they want, just as you are entitled to think what you want. What people think of you cannot change who you are or what you are worth.

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